About Comacchio Guitars

John has handmade guitars available to buy now or you can enjoy the process of having your guitar custom built.

Each step John takes to craft your guitar includes an awareness of its individual character. The end result is a living musical instrument not a machine.

Your guitar is assessed and re-assessed at every point. From the ‘roughing-out’ of timber to the first note played, the guitar’s sound, look and feel, are blended in a way that a factory-made process can’t allow for.

When first holding their Comacchio guitar some people say it feels like they’ve owned it for a long time. Others say their new guitar has inspired them to play in a different way. All are amazed at how unique each guitar is.

About John

The early years

John can’t remember a time when he wasn’t making something.

John working on a custom-made guitar Working on a custom-built guitar

John testing a custom-made guitar First play
His father’s construction business and passion for classical music were a perfect background for the expressions John felt compelled to pursue: Music and Woodwork.

John played piano from age nine, and remembers with a smile the first time he picked up an electric guitar - a Gibson 335 copy. He bought the guitar and a small amp for $30! It felt like I was introduced to a totally magical and mysterious world – I couldn’t leave it alone.

John began to study his guitar’s structure, as always learning the direct way: hands-on. His experiments eventually rendered the guitar unplayable and he blew up the amp using a ‘Fender blender’, but he learned a lot and it only served to encourage him!

From furniture to guitar-making

While studying Architecture, John's need to work hands-on as well as in design became obvious. The following 35 years saw him become a top Australian furniture designer and craftsman.

Bringing together his woodcraft and love of music was inevitable for John. He believes that a deep understanding of timber is fundamental to guitar making, with the intuitive aspect being just as important as the technicalities.

My work has never felt like a job - it’s part of my life and learning.

I love making these instruments. I hope people can feel this when playing them.

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